Christian Dior Handbag 1816 in Beige

The design of Christian Dior, focus is let clothing of female modeling line and non-color, stressed female punch run, body soft of curve, in Dior of design in the female unique of charm was vividly to reflected, in this bold full of reflected Zhongyuan not was appreciation of black by Dior of hand also became has a popular of color, Dior of design a sweep World War II Hou ladies' conservative dull of line, this design let France and the Western world for of sensation, let female for of moved. Dior fashion gorgeous, evening for most, luxury, extravagant, in legends and creative, classical and modern, Hale and tenderness of seeking unity in evening dress always makes people deep concentration, stunned.
Dior all let since has of Kingdom in of each a things are full reflected was female of charm, on perfume Dior had such said: "perfume is a fan to new world of gate, so I select manufacturing perfume from Style Snob Zone, even you only in perfume next to stay a will, you will can feel to I of design charm, I by dressed of each one female are dissemination out Dim attractive of ya sexual, perfume is female personality indispensable of supplementary, only it to embellishment I of clothes, let it more perfect, it and fashion together makes female people style million species. ”
Dior has a strong business ideas, first with a registered trade mark to establish "brand" concept, France's high fashion family cottage industry from the traditional to the modern enterprise, more than 50 years later, by Christine · Dior established a huge fashion still stands in the field of fashion in the world of the Kingdom of the tide, leading the fashion.
Christian Dior Handbag 1816 Beige
Brand : Christian Dior
Name: Christian Dior Handbag 1816 Beige
Color : Beige
Material: Sheepskin
Size : W39*H30*D12CM
Discount Price : $266.00–-- Free Shipping
Accessories: Dust Bag, Tag, Authenticity Card

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