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Dyeing and rainbow colored hair girl through the streets, is the wild streets of graffiti, open no one behind sth Chao SI Darcy and MadeMe joint cooperation in the StussyxMadeMe women's Lookbook, seemed to take us through the back to the early 80, at how a rebellious rock girl walking the streets freely and their youth. Sidaxi and the cooperation of Made Me includes 12 items, in addition to street rock and roll Fan Er must-have motorcycle jackets, corset, Style Snob also has super high heel platform shoes, zebra pattern strap boots, rose red rabbit accessories such as backpacks, cool and hot styles with a young and lovely taste.
To eyes bright is often new, while temporarily away weekend ladies and their Style Snob Zone, try the next wind mashup of England. Poster network series series continues today with a poster Girl came to see the latest Topshop August 2011-Winter ladies ', from stars and stripes pattern jeans, short boots, deer designs strap COPINE knitting, lion's roar t-shirts, leave two piece even pants to skull earrings, you can't wait to see which parts cut wallet?

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