Gucci Jungle Large Tote Bag 232942 in Dark Brown

This bag is the freshness of a character and a bit futuristic, but always clearly Gucci and I love this collection, from which it came-it would be better after Tom Ford. Design is a successful, if somewhat. But there is something we need to talk.This is the price. The Price. This bag is a bit out of the skin, but this is mainly of relatively cheap neoprene. This beginning and introduction of the runway, so that it can be assumed that it would take a bit expensive, respectively, but in the bag, not all of the skin (not even close), this is something that I can't keep. Of course, maybe someone could do, but http://style-snob-zone.blogspot.com/ makes me appreciate especially the very reasonable price.
Gucci Jungle Large Tote 232942 Dark Brown
Brand : Gucci
Name: Gucci Jungle Large Tote 232942 Dark Brown
Color : Dark Brown
Material: python
Size : 6.5"L x 6"W x 13.8"H
Discount Price : $266.00–--70% OFF

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